La Kasha

The iconic denim- From caterpillar to butterfly

From the place of normal clothing, denim has risen to be a fashion icon and is being adorned by fashion models. It has now become a symbol of modern and modest culture. The metamorphosis of jeans from a commodity to a fashion clothing restructured during the early 90’s and the basic denim jeans diversified into various other items such as jackets, dresses, skirts, abayas, tunics, kaftans etc. Earlier the denim transformation only depended on new stylisation of the jeans itself. Current trend is all about variety and views denim as a versatile fabric with bold styles to keep the pace of fashion mixed with active wear.New age generation quit spending money on other accessories only to buy branded designer denim wear. What is the reason behind this inspired resurgence? Celeb publicity. Celebrities are spotted wearing designer denim wears for formal events too and making a remarkable impact on the youth and the fashion conscious. Denim manufacturers also play an integral part in this by constantly upgrading the market with new products and transforming a weave into it’s new stretchable avatar with a variety of colours, textures and washes.

Apart from the normal jeans, various other items like skirts, jackets, caps, wallets, shoes, handbags etc. have captured the market in a long time and it’s time for the modest clothing sector to include denim in its traditional modest clothing collection. Modest clothing has a huge potential to capture the clothing market with it’s population, choices and belief system. Without pertaining to a particular religious choice, it’s preferred and adapted by many customers as a way of life. Denim has transcended in the past decades and is still sustaining a lucrative market for itself. A garment once worn to do tough physical work due its strength, and durability has now become a fashion icon and is seen being worn by practically everyone. They come in all colours and are worn by people of all ages, occasions, men and women. Fashion is sublime and denim is here to stay forever. From modest abayas, kaftans, tunics, shirts, tops, salwar kameez and the list is endless, denim is the superior option of the fashion trendsetters. Last but not the least other than durability denim is also a sustainable fabric and fashion trend giving rise to green consumerism. 

Shal K