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We are always there to answer your queries, address your grievances if any in a timely manner and have made exchange, cancellation and return simplified and fast tracked to ensure that your experience with us is a happy one.

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 Our story:

At La Kasha, we want to be as honest with our customers (that’s you!) as possible. We want to share the journey we’ve had along the way and the story we’ve created building a niche clothing brand.  We are a small team of passionate, driven, educated in a variety of subjects in the field of fashion and many others but most importantly self tutored in the business of E commerce and digital marketing. We have over a period of time learned, unlearned, made many mistakes then rectified them. In the process we realised  making errors was actually qualifying us to be able to make corrections. Relying on outsourcing not only blindsided us from facts, tools and knowledge, it was also misleading and expensive.  As a startup in 2007, we could make enough to be covered but there were no sparks flying, no magic that is usually felt while doing what we love. This was largely because we weren’t cause-driven.  Then, inspiration struck. Traditional hand embroideries from across the globe, a dormant art form conquered by machine and computers. Our team would source the best fabrics, conceptualise a perfect design, hand pick the best material and threads for hand embroidery and lovingly hand craft our garments to perfection. We were the contemporary modest clothing design house who still believed in handmade in an age where almost every design was computerised. We were slow, admittedly, but not primitive. Our aim was, and is, to keep this beautiful form of art alive. It was difficult to find trained workers as they had adopted other professions in fear of running out of work. However hard we’d try there would always be a cheaper replica of the genuine. But we’re driven and plan on staying committed to finding soulmates in each and every one of you who like us, believes that rare art forms and traditions are not meant to go down history but to be preserved for our future generation.  Today, La Kasha, with our fashion skills and a worthy cause brings forward our sustainable fashion line, Modest and ethnic Clothing. Our chore team is a group of 20 people divided by roles, responsibilities and reasoning but united by commitment and performance. From procurement, design, manufacturing and technical support we switch roles and multi task. Our long travel, deep learning process and practical experience has played the most significant role in the making of ”La Kasha”.  The manufacturing team is under 30, our vibrant technical support team in their 20’s with a yearning for learning and brimming with ideas and inputs. Our team leader is in her late 40’s and heading the sampling department. Other than creating new designs she is a visionary with entrepreneurial skills. We all love nature and fitness and our workplace is sunlit with clean air to breathe ideas. 

Through our interpretation of Modest Fashion we not alone create a melting pot of various cultural heritage by being mindful that the world is out stage. On this stage we strive to create your unique identities as how you wish to be perceived, in each handmade creation soaked in love, patience and perfection. We thrive to provide quality, couture, colours and a variety of fabrics to choose from with a commitment to providing a seamless shopping experience for different sizes and fits.

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Be mindful and do not buy from any other source displaying our images by unfair means.


We wish to inspire young talents to learn an additional skill, art or craft as a passion or profession. Most of us have learnt post pandemic that an additional skill won’t hurt during harsh times for added income. Let’s call it constructive creativity marking the digital era. 


La Kasha’s Green Dream Initiative. 

Business survival of small vendors, artisans and craftsmen has turned into a global crisis, evolving at unprecedented speed and scale in recent history. It is now one of the biggest global challenges of our lifetimes changing human attitudes and behaviour positively to respond to each other’s crisis. We hope the need to respond never ends even after the pandemic’s immediate threat eventually recedes. 

One World:

*We Promote a healthy and positive body image.

*Plus size, garments length and sleeve lengths customisation available at no additional cost.

In continuation to this cause we will continue to provide a seamless, stress free shopping experience with us by:

* Upscaling hand work and traditional embroideries to reach every customer at affordable prices, while supporting the craftsmen and artisans to be economically stronger and self sustained.

*Promoting small vendors by source manufacturing raw material and personal requirements from small businesses so unlike last year they are not forced to shut shop.

*Use manufacturing waste to produce small tokens, gifts and utility items to reduce waste and promote work and economy, in turn promoting additional source of income from home for many, under La Kasha initiative- Green Dream.

*Donating returns and exchanges through trusted channels.

*Requesting our buyers every time they buy something new, donate an old garment in a good condition to the lesser privileged.

*Promoting sustainability

*Avoid extra costs incurred in making a perfect garment more appealing to a customer via presentation eg. packaging.

*Maintaining a hygienic work place, so each one of you and our work environment is safe.

When you buy a garment from us we wish to display it to you through the models next door to promote a healthy lifestyle and a real image you can relate to instead of the stereotypical version because flaws are natural and beautiful. See a reflection of yourself when you choose from us.

We are responsible for the environment and follow the three principles:-

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

In turn escalating:-

Economics, Ecology, Equality

Awaken your creativity and engage actively repairing, updating and refurbishing your wardrobe instead of applying the passive mode of ready to wear. This approach is specially enticing for the true fashion lovers implementing sustainable clothing sensibility.

Last but not the least…

Promote the artisans:

It’s time to take the responsibility to revalue and encourage the artisans of ethnic groups in order to preserve the cultural heritage and provide employment to improve their living conditions. This is possible by generating more work, providing them with a healthy work environment while safeguarding their self esteem. It’s possible only by raising awareness amongst people who cherish the worth of traditional art forms. Let’s serve as an instrument in preserving the rare art forms and its prodigy.

Please browse through our “Green Dream” initiative-