La Kasha

Modesty- a way of life (Eid-ul-Adha 2021)

To understand the virtue of modesty it’s important to understand the philosophy of modesty first. Modesty suggests we reflect how we wish to be perceived. Our choices, belief system and way of life is not a compulsion, instead a free will. Modesty and humility sparks goodness in general when placed among people by large. Clearly a person who is modest & humble experience it like breathing. You are breathing but in unaware awareness, oppositely if you are in complete awareness of this you are probably not who you claim to be. I don’t feel appropriate calling it a virtue or an art, because plants grow where life is. Similarly modesty is a process of growth, realisation, knowledge and spirituality.

For the same reasons i love making modest clothing. It’s truly challenging to create beauty out of what others consider conservative. I on the contrary feel there is no beauty as ethereal as an abaya clad woman gliding in grace. My first trip to Dubai inspired me into designing the more flouncy abayas. I couldn’t take my eyes off the beauty of these garments and would occasionally get a stare back. While other’s went site seeing, i visited every store and boutique to observe and learn the trends of modest clothing. Every abaya on a hanger or a mannequin was breathing life into its being. Similar to time travel into the world of modest glamour.

Hijabs and head covers compliment abayas and should be chosen carefully. It’s a tricky to get the hijab scarf just right, but once mastered it’s truly appealing how it cups a pretty face like a halo. Often i have tried making instant hijabs and undoubtedly they are an easier quick fix version of its tricky counterpart, but here i’m a little bias regarding the motivation and trick of wearing the traditional hijab like a passion.

My love for kaftans in all sizes and length is insatiable. Kaftans with rich hand embroideries in the best cascading fabrics in solid colours. I’m not typically in love with prints. I choose a beautiful texture and fall in a fabric and want to add design, colours, elements and shapes exactly like a child filling a colouring book. My love for hand embroideries and traditional art forms feels challenged when a see a printed fabric taking away the attention from a manmade vs. machine made. Although i admire the beauty of hand block and tie & dye and wish to inculcate them in my work soon.

“I am sufficiently proud of my knowing something to be modest about my not knowing all.” Vladimir Nabakov

Shal K

Fix your crowns. Get up ,dress up and show up this coming Eid-ul-Adha. The world needs compassion, care and calm.