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Hand made over Brand made

Trivet is Hand mastered fabric twisted crocheted without needle by experienced creative hands of a Mother who has indulged in skills most of her life to give a beautiful life to her family. She deserves a standing ovation from our team and she feels blessed to be discovered and cherished by us all. She will proudly display her products here as they complete in due course.

Hand made creations are soaked in love and skill. The makers use all their abilities to create a beautiful item that celebrates their craftsmanship, giving shape and finesse to their ideas. The value of these items are usually high as only the creator knows how to indulge wholeheartedly in every piece.

When buying a hand crafted item we are supporting the local economy, the local community and a real person. Each sale makes a huge difference in their lives. We are supporting a worthy cause. They are sustainable and environment friendly. Their uniqueness guarantees that no replicas can ever be made so each buyer has their own.

Keeping the crafts and rare art forms alive to live through generations and providing livelihood is also a conscious choice.

Each creation has a story beautifully mastered, rendered and a true gift of Art.

Hand made over Brand made