La Kasha

Fly high with Color Splash

Warm Autumn Palette

Enamored by the gorgeous fall foliage you look at with admiration with its-
“ummm so yummm, lush greens, browns and plums”? 
Well exactly those are the colors to take inspiration from for your wardrobes and incorporate the classic meets trendy. Just follow the nature’s  foolproof color palette to introduce brown, burgundy, mustard, forest green and deep purple at their best.
These luscious colors will keep you connected with style all season long.


 Pair with deep jewel-toned accessories to amp up your gorgeous factor even more.
 Try a pop of burgundy! The heavenly warm color will stand out in any outfit for an effortlessly sophisticated look.
There’s nothing cuter than a bold mustard wool coat for Saturday brunch. Cute, classic and posh for an adorable casual look.
Forest green
Lounge in a lush forest green sweater for an impossible to avoid stylish appearance. Being  fashion forward at home, why not.
Deep purple
An opulent deep purple can be paired with dark colors of midnight to make a flirty combination of color themes and your done.