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Altruism Analogy- A purposeful insight, or not

Altruism Analogy- A purposeful insight, or not

Keenly watching a creeper in the garden in the mildly blushed sunlit winter morning, a thought crept into my mind. Is the creeper sapping up the tree’s energy? I noticed The trunk to be strong enough to reject or coexist in mutual consent and support system. Altruistic approach!

The lock down lead to an unusual phenomenon for the creepers of the online industry which also clasped a market share which typically was not even their forte. Unlike many small devoted to a segment businesses saw their share creeped into by the anaconda of jack of all and ace of few giants. The best example being the apparel industry where many a passionate players had to rest their work in peace as they did not categorize under essential commodity being cannibalized by the ivy’s of multiple trading jumbos.

With an advent of a societal change post pandemic, many in fact a majority of us hear, feel and have experienced the pain of the other sailing in the same boat. Not all believe in financial gains as success although we can not deny that too. Some of us count success as following our dreams and passion while being cause driven. Apart from the sensitive aspect which for many of us is quintessential there are other aspects for small businesses, niche business and categories based business to be able to thrive as these business concentrate and excel on a particular segment and are more focussed, catering to an individual customer’s needs while religiously following trends and forecast. In a crux small businesses fuel the economy in larger ways like raising employment rates, growth in job opportunities specially for people who may be unemployable in larger institutions, drive competitiveness and are more innovative while maintaining limited liability. They also keep alive the diversity in culture, form and functionality in turn increasing their potentiality opposed to larger organizations.

Small Business are also more adaptable to changes and possess the ability to keep afloat the economic turmoils as they are more customer oriented and understand the need of a particular community they are catering to. As a result their customers remain loyal to them amidst an economic crisis too due to a long term and personalized trust factor the seller and the customer has developed over a long period of secure and thoughtful association. The growth in these sectors also associate with a boom in the same factors quoted so far doubly impacting the growth in economy. 

To be able to fully recover from the aftermath of the pandemic and in turn the crumbling economy we need to encourage each other to buy from new, small enterprise and getting maximum gain from your investment in the product being catered specially as per your needs and requirements. Mutual loyalties, trust, a lot of hard work and innovation can make all thrive in these difficult times and bounce back faster. Be more vocal about your typical needs and buy from people who cater to it. This will encourage them to serve you better in future being mindful about all the other aspects involved for our general betterment.

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