La Kasha

Simply adore the deep RED color

Simply Red

It is a magical color showing different effects on different skin tones but never failing to highlight their individual richness. It always works as a mood and image enhancer. 

Simply wear red in its vividness or deeper hues. Simply red in lip color or nail color. Simply red in footwear and clutches set against earthy winter tones. Or simply red outfit with nude accessories.

 And watch your reflection to notice how you simply transform from a girl next door to a diva. 
Red has magical properties i believe. A magic wand which transforms and transcends to a “Cinderella in glass slippers” feel.

Red is magnetic as it attracts positive energy and enforces positivity in self igniting confidence, assurance and self appeal.
Red is rich, its richness lies in the reflection of power and authority.

Red is amber which stands out in the dark like the eye of the tiger.