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La Kasha Women Long shirt/ tunic in 100% cotton poplin

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LA KASHA Tunic, Jacket, Shrug, Swimsuit Size Guide

US Size24-68-1012-1416-182022-2426283032
UK Size6-810-1214-1618-202224-262830323436
AUS Size68-1012-1416-18202224-2628303234
Bust Size3538414448515559636669
Waist Size3134374044475155596164
Hips Size3740434650535761656871
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100% cotton poplin long shirt/ tunic. The style depicts a formal appeal with a shirt collar and button down opening. The placket sides are pleated along the length and add a stylised crispiness to this otherwise simple shirt tunic. Sleeves are long with a cuff slit. Bottom is rounded and back plain. The style is simple and classic, perfectly suitable for work and day wear. Although white is a pristine colour and gives you the freedom to mix and match with solids and prints be it brights or subtle. Cotton is light weight and soft on the skin and forever fashionable. Suitable for all body types while adding style and comfort to your wardrobe. Whites are almost an essential to any fashionista.

The shirt top is a wardrobe essential for the fashionistas. Team with a skirt, trouser, palazzo and run your creative imagination wild to mix and match styles and colours.
When we can’t decide what to wear.
The embroideries are done articulately by specialised artisans so intricately yet no 2 pieces will ever be same only similar. This is the beauty of hand made. Just the beginning of our spring/summer 2021 collection. Promote artisans by supporting rare art forms. We strongly believe and practise that a computerised version of the same garment may be cheaper and faster to produce but here each piece is unique. Made with love, intricacy, time, good vibes, patience and passion.A good Shirt or a Top come handy.So Get set dress and GO…

* Wash instructions: Hand wash and normal dry. Iron on reverse side.

* Refer to our size chart to select the right size.

* Multiple sizes available at no additional cost.

* No filter used for images actual colours may slightly vary due to colour variability in computer
screen monitor.

* We promote a healthy and positive body image and encourage our customers to support it.

* We encourage traditional art forms and promote young artisans to make them more
self reliant while safe guarding their self esteem by learning additional skills for growth and
request our customers to give more power to this noble cause through comments, reviews and

* We make conscious choices and believe “Never refuse to reuse” through our “Green Dream”

* Donations in good condition is better then dumping.

The present day tunic is an amalgamation of history of fashion across civilisations culminating into a beautiful ethnic and traditional wear called tunic or Kurti. Blending the needs of modern modest customers. Referring to this fashion transformation as “fusion wear”. Make it appear traditional or glam it up with pants or skirts it still holds in place it’s modest appeal. Tunics are viewed as fashionable while matching the sensibilities of modest fashion.

Keeping the tradition, crafts and rare art forms alive to live through generations and providing livelihood is also a conscious choice.

Each creation has a story beautifully mastered, rendered and a true gift of Art. Every style has a history closely associated with modest fashion through generations of changes and the paradox of keeping alive the modern modest. Tunics and Kurtis have been adopted globally and in all cultures as a suitable way of dressing and preserving the modesty of belief system through modest fashion transformation.

No two handmade items can ever be the same and there will always be an inherent variations. No duplicity gives the consumers the edge of proudly owning a hand made item as their very own and specially made for them. This strengthens the bond for hand made goods. Also these articles come from an area of joy and healthy work environment of no stress of mass production or time detail, being made immaculately.

The pride of the creator and the owner are entwined to make handmade much more valuable and irreplaceable. With every purchase the chain reaction of the creative community will spread far and wide mutually benefiting the buyers and the suppliers by bridging the gap with love, passion, commitment and support for rare art forms.

When buying a hand crafted item we are supporting the local economy, the local community and a real person. Each sale makes a huge difference in their lives. We are supporting a worthy cause. They are sustainable and environment friendly. Their uniqueness guarantees that no replicas can ever be made so each buyer has their own.

Keeping the crafts and rare art forms alive to live through generations and providing livelihood is also a conscious choice.
Each creation has a story beautifully mastered, rendered and a true gift of Art.

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