La Kasha


La Kasha women Long shirt in Poly crepe.

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LA KASHA Tunic, Jacket, Shrug, Swimsuit Size Guide

US Size24-68-1012-1416-182022-2426283032
UK Size6-810-1214-1618-202224-262830323436
AUS Size68-1012-1416-18202224-2628303234
Bust Size3538414448515559636669
Waist Size3134374044475155596164
Hips Size3740434650535761656871
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Long shirt in poly crepe with collar and long sleeves. Button down till waist and a cape cut adds appeal and a soft fall to this classic shirt. A hand embroidered motif adds value to this simple outfit with some glitter. Back is plain. Fabric is soft and light weight suitable for all body type and perfect for work, day, evening and maternity wear. A closet essential as a chic shirt is an express way to dressing for sophistication and never fails your appearance. Pair with a bottom of your choice and glam it up.

* Wash instructions: Hand wash and normal dry. Iron on reverse side.

* Refer to our size chart to select the right size.

* Multiple sizes available at no additional cost.

* No filter used for images actual colours may slightly vary due to colour variability in computer
screen monitor.

* We promote a healthy and positive body image and encourage our customers to support it.

* We encourage traditional art forms and promote young artisans to make them more
self reliant while safe guarding their self esteem by learning additional skills for growth and
request our customers to give more power to this noble cause through comments, reviews and

* We make conscious choices and believe “Never refuse to reuse” through our “Green Dream”

* Donations in good condition is better then dumping.

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