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Abaya dress in pure cotton, traditional Bulgarian embroidery inspired collection.


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Long dress/ abaya in Pure cotton poplin is an interpretation of traditional Bulgarian inspired embroidery rendered in modest dress design. Round neck is taped and gathered, the bodice panel is intricately embroidered with traditional geometrical motifs. The bottom is A- line. The sleeves are a highlight accentuated with gathers and puffs. The cuff is smocked for finish with piping, gathers and fit. Apart from the flamboyant cut, the sleeves are also richly embroidered in vibrant colours. Traditional embroideries add richness and value to our wardrobe. Back is plain and highlighted by all round sleeve embroidery. Belt is provided for fit and optional to use as the fall of the garment is a loose fit and suitable for evening, work, day and maternity wear.

Cotton fabric is suitable for people with sensitive skin and children as cotton is hypoallergenic. Cotton is a natural fibre which is renewable and biodegradable supporting sustainability. Soft, comfortable and light weight cotton is also preferred by many.

Bulgarian embroidery is part of the traditional Bulgarian folk costume, and it harbours symbols and meanings that were established thousands of years ago. Traditionally the motifs are like a symbolic message in combinations of geometric patterns drawn together to create beautiful and complete designs with beautiful narratives. Bulgarian embroidery has provided inspiration to many designers over the years interpreting its beauty in tradition or modernism. With technology and times the modern interpretation of the traditional art form will continue to provide inspirations in the years to come.


  • Wash Care: Hand wash and normal dry. Iron on reverse side.
  • Multiple sizes available at no additional cost.
  • Refer to our size chart to select the right size.
  • No filter used for images actual colours may slightly vary due to colour variability in computer screen monitor.
  • We promote a healthy and positive body image and encourage our customers to support it.
  • We encourage traditional art forms and promote young artisans to make them more self reliant while safe guarding their self esteem by learning additional skills for growth and request our customers to give more power to this noble cause through comments, reviews and purchase.
  • We make conscious choices and believe “Never refuse to reuse” through our “Green Dream” initiative.
  • Donations in good condition is better then dumping.
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