La Kasha Abaya jacket in denim with overlapped button-down placket

La Kasha



Abaya jacket in denim with collared button-down overlap front or belt and bell cuff


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Abaya in denim stretchable and light weight fabric is specially made for the jacket lovers. The cut and finish is inspired by the long trench coat. Front is overlapping to add a double breast appeal with a belt and a button for the perfect fitment. The flared cuffs are the highlight, broad and scrunched to add volume. Back is plain and side pockets are functional. Suitable for all body type and perfect for day, work, evening and maternity wear. The stretch adds comfort to this flash forward dressing solution, specially for the needs of the urban modest woman. All weather friendly and a perfect modest clothing solution.* Standard length of upper is 54”-58” (Inches) OR request for customisation


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