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Free size Hijab Scarf and Stole in Poly knit

$ 10.00

Fabric: Poly Knit

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Free size ready to wear Hijab in Poly knit.

Full Turtle Neck coverage and comfort Stretch.

Just pull over your Cap and quick Fix .

Create your own Style Everyday.

Size: 36″ Width and 76″ Length Hijab for proper Coverage.


Head cover is commonly practiced in many cultures thus hijab does not require an introduction, known to many as the way of life, belief and culture. Adapted by many through choice and an area of consciousness of how they wish to be perceived. As scarves are used in many ways and not necessarily as a head covering which makes a hijab being a fashion statement a bigger challenge so beautifully portrayed by creativity and feminine charm of draping a beautiful hijab like a crown haloing every modest woman. In the context of fashion its important that we have our own contribution towards our signature style and sometimes off the counter ready to wear garments simply take away from our creativity to mix, match and create our own version of us. All fashionistas need to personally contribute to their appearance and a hijab clad modest woman so articulately tying her hijab everyday is a true fashionista.

Each creation has a story beautifully mastered, rendered and a true gift of Art. Every style has a history closely associated with modest fashion through generations of changes and the paradox of keeping alive the modern modest. Hijab have been adopted globally and in many cultures as a suitable way of dressing and preserving the modesty of belief system through modest fashion transformation.