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Dot Printed Hijab Scarf and Stole in Polyester print

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Fabric: Polyester Print

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Stylish dot printed everyday wear Hijab in Polyester print.

Create your own Style Everyday.

Size: 36″ Width and 76″ Length Hijab for proper Coverage.


Hijabs are every muslimah’s crown. The variety of head dresses is a prominent symbol of Modest Clothing in the world and followed by many religious beliefs. As per the Qur’an both men and women should dress in a way permissible throughout their lives. The Hijab Fashion has taken the Modest Clothing market and culture with a storm. Other then the traditional Niqab and burka, Hijab has more fashionable and practical versions suitable for Urban Muslimah lifestyles. The Shyla Hijab and Al Amira Hijab are not alone trendy but a practical and fashionable option. It’s comfortable and a quick fix Modest Fashion solution to a comparatively busy schedules for professionals and homemakers too. Hijabs tutorials are making a rage in Headdress Fashion and a number of people are inclined to experiment this. Hijabi women are simply gorgeous.