La Kasha

Modest Islamic clothing . Specially designed for the needs of urban lifestyles. We offer custom lengths and sizes. Considering the requirements of our customers complete with the finest quality of fabrics and styles and finesse.


Modest Fashion Trend to Mend in 2022

The modest fashion industry has proven time and again that comfort and confidence always wins over complicated and impractical fashion. A general sense of awareness among people who are fashion forward support that smart fashion is inclusive of reduce, reuse, recycle, upcycle leading to sustainable fashion needs. An approach that modest fashion almost follows. Sustainable

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Trend Amend- La Kasha forecast

Spring 2022 The Muslim fashion trends are evolving by the day. The Islamic couture is sharing with the world how modest traditional wear can be competing with the present times. Top of the notch designers are integrating their creativity to contribute to modest fashion. In continuation to this change i wish to add that Islamic

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The iconic denim- From caterpillar to butterfly

From the place of normal clothing, denim has risen to be a fashion icon and is being adorned by fashion models. It has now become a symbol of modern and modest culture. The metamorphosis of jeans from a commodity to a fashion clothing restructured during the early 90’s and the basic denim jeans diversified into various other items

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Modesty- a way of life (Eid-ul-Adha 2021)

To understand the virtue of modesty it’s important to understand the philosophy of modesty first. Modesty suggests we reflect how we wish to be perceived. Our choices, belief system and way of life is not a compulsion, instead a free will. Modesty and humility sparks goodness in general when placed among people by large. Clearly

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The Clothes Saga- Did you know?

Fashion has taken many twists in times based on history, beliefs, regions and myriad cultures of which Modest Fashion has not gone untouched by many trends and transitions. Modern Modest is a term derived not by the newly adapted fashion choices but the Urban lifestyles and Cosmo livings in Countries that may vary from one’s

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